What does an application to my property look like?

When an applicant visits your listing link or begins the application process from the application invite email we send them, they'll be asked to create a Hunt account. We do this to secure their sensitive personal information and allow them to resume the process at any time

There're three broad components to Hunt's application.

  1. Application overview
  2. Application detail
  3. Screening reports
    1. Credit Report
    2. Background Check

1. Application overview

When an application becomes available to you in your account, we show you an overview of all the applicants who are part of this application. It will show you:

  • Who has submitted documents or whose are still pending.
  • The aggregate income across all applicants.
  • The percentage your rent amount represents of that aggregate income.

2. Application detail

For each individual applicant, we provide detailed information such as:

  • Employment and income history
  • Past residences, including past landlords' contact information
  • Personal references
  • Screening questions

Here's an example of what a rental application looks like.

3. Screening reports

Screening reports consist of two different types of reports. The credit report and a background check. Let's have a look at each one.

a. Credit Report

Our credit report data is provided by Experian, so you're sure to get top-notch information.

Here's what our credit report contains:

  • A credit score, which falls into a range of 300-850.
  • Some key factors of the renter's credit report, such as payment history, age of credit or credit utilization.
  • A summary section highlighting the renter's debt, available credit and aggregate monthly payment amounts.
  • Detailed view of individual accounts, including monthly payment history.
  • Recent addresses reported to Experian.
  • Employment information reported to Experian.
  • Any recent public records pertaining to the renter's financial profile.
  • Any recent credit inquiries.

Here's an example of what a credit report might look like:

b. Background Check

The background check is a complement to the credit report, because the credit report may not contain all criminal records and eviction data. Our background check contains the following:

  • Nationwide criminal history search
  • Eviction search
  • Sec offender search
  • Terrorist watchlist search

Here's an example:

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